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Therapy Kare specializes in providing physical therapy services for children with a wide range of disabilities, illnesses or injuries.  Physical therapy focuses on the development of gross motor skills that includes rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, and climbing.  Every child deserves the highest quality of life possible by improving function, health and well-being.  Licensed physical therapists will meet with the child and their family one-on-one to develop and implement treatment interventions that focus on what is most important for the child and their family in order for the child to be functional in a variety of settings including home and school.  We recognize that families are the most important component in ensuring child success with physical therapy services so each physical therapist will educate the families regarding the child’s condition and on exercises that can be implemented during the child and families regular daily routine.  Children learn best through interactive play so every program will focus on age-appropriate activities while also challenging the child as well.  Treatment will include wellness services focusing on participation in various fitness programs promoting child interaction and motivation to exercise.  The company is committed to providing a safe, accessible and fun environment for every child.


Therapy Kare is committed to providing outstanding physical therapy services in a variety of settings to enhance a child’s functional ability, participation and quality of life.  We believe that families play a vital role in their child’s gross motor development and therefore we are committed to working with each family to provide appropriate education and training that will optimize outcomes.  We will excel by effectively meeting the needs of the families we serve through open communication and compassionate understanding.  These qualities will allow us to develop an effective, efficient and fun plan of care allowing each child to succeed.

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