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Our compassionate and caring licensed pediatric physical therapists will meet with your child and family one on one to create and put into action treatment programs that focus on your child and family needs. 

Treatment will take place in the: 

  • Clinic

  • Home

  • Other community settings (daycare) 

Our PT’s are trained in the following treatment techniques: 

  • Strength training

  • Spasticity management 

  • Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

  • Various manual therapy techniques

  • Gait training/treadmill training

  • Developmental progression techniques 

  • Development of fitness programs 

  • Braces

  • Therapeutic Equipment/Assistive Devices 

Treatment programs will include: 

  • Family education and involve the family

  • Home programs that fit into the child’s daily routine

  • Communication with all of the people involved with your child’s care

  • A safe and fun setting 

Pediatric PT Treatment 

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